Week 2


I thought the title of this post was rather spot on.  I could use it to describe multiple things from this past week.  I could have used it to describe my picks from last week (especially me Best Bets).  I could have used it to describe watching the New York Football Giants play football.  Lastly, I could have used it to describe the shit storm that is about to hit the NFL with this Ray Rice thing which is about to spiral out of control with large ramifications.  More on this below


Can there ever be an NFL season where there isn’t huge controversy about something off the field?  It’s getting tiresome and the media attention that it receives because the league is so popular is nauseating.  This Ray Rice thing is going to get really bad.  Executives in the league will be fired and there will be a ton of heat on Goodell.  They fucked this up from the get go with the original suspension.  Then once a “new” video comes to light all hell breaks loose.  The league saw that video or someone in the league saw the video and hoped it would go away.   It’s not like the crime changed after this video came out.  Regardless of what video was produced, he still knocked out a broad.  Where was all this outrage prior to the video coming out from the league or the team.  It’s just like everything in our pathetic society where as soon as it gets into your living room then it’s not OK.  If it happens outside our little bubbles then fuck it, you can knockout bitches and hoes all you want.


I unfortunately really don’t have much to rant about as I wrote down some things this past week and I lost the piece of paper.   I have since totally forgot what I wrote down, hence the reason I wrote it down in the first fucking place.  I’ll rant in the section below.


I like to post things on the comical side but this week, I read about this and thought it would be good to post.  This cunt face is the reason why sports fans are general terrible.  This guy probably couldn’t name 2 other players on the team because if you actually watched the Giants play you would quickly realize their problems run far deeper than the QB position.  Has Eli been good the last season plus?  No, he’s been terrible but the entire team has been brutal.  The main reason stems from the lack of drafting of quality players over the last couple of years which forced them to try to fill holes in free agency which has never worked before.    You have a million new starters playing and it shows.  No consistency or continuity.

Back to this ass clown, he probably expects to win the Super Bowl every year.  How many rings does Peyton have? 1.  How many rings does Brees have? 1.  How many rings does Rodgers have? 1.  When was the last time Brady won a super Bowl?  I’m pretty sure it was in Bush’s first term.  You see where I’m going with this.   It’s the deal with the devil you have to make.  Giants fans have received 2 epic runs that has been surrounded by the majority of time mediocre football.  It is what it is.  This is how it works.

OK, I’m done with that.  Here’s a fat girl falling off a rope swing for everyone who made it through the last couple paragraphs.


Last week I came in 3rd of 5 so no winnings (I scored 95 but the winner has 148).  You needed to have Julius Thomas to have a really good shot at winning and in fact the guy who won had Julius. On to the next week, and I’m going to try the same league type with the 5 guys to win 5x minus the 10% VIG.  I’ve noticed that the value really comes in with the WR.  I’m loving this weekly league stuff too by the way.  There is no watching guys for an entire season or worrying about having tough luck where you might score a ton of points but not have a good record.  It’s on to the next week and nothing else to worry about.

QB Brees $9400

RB A Peterson $8800

RB R Jennings $6700

WR J Edelman $6400

WR A Boldin $6400

WR K Benjamin $6600

TE M Bennett $6100

K  R Gould $4600

D Buccaneers $4900


Here is a new section and since I’m in a survivor pool then I might as well include it.  There was 331 entries in the pool I’m in which is a $8275 prize pool.   Last week, I sweated out the Eagles and actually at about  2:30 I had already gotten over the fact I was being eliminated in week 1.   I thought if you are going to be eliminated it might as well be in week 1 so this way you don’t have to put the work in to make picks for a few weeks only to get eliminated a few weeks later.  However, I survived and have moved on to week 2.   The good news for me is that almost 125 teams lost out. The Bears were the biggest culprit along with the Pats and Tampa.

I’m a big believer in not getting too cute in the first few weeks.  I don’t mind playing the most obvious play and losing that team because as you can tell by my picks I have no clue who is good.   Also, sometimes you get a team that is clearly good but you really don’t have the opportunity to pick them again for the while.  My week’s pick of Denver falls into this category.  They are the biggest favorite on the board this week at home vs KC who looked terrible.   Next week they take on Seattle so we’re not taking them there.  In Week 4 they have an early bye.  The earliest you can pick again them is Week 5 against the Cardinals which seems to far away to not use them here.

If you say, “Hal, you’re a douche bag that’s a terrible pick”.  Here’s an alternative pick for you Monday Morning Quarterbacks Cunts: Saints


NFL WEEK 2 Lines picjpg_Page1

See what I did there.  I’m going right back to the well on the Best Bets with the Dallas over and Patriots.  Also think that Philly Colts game could be over 60.  I think they payoff this week.


Fuck, that was not the way I was looking to get started but it’s only week 1.  At one point in the afternoon at least my best bets were looking golden.  The pats were up double digits, Cam Newton had just been declared out.  Things were looking good.  It’s amazing how it can turn south so quickly.   

NFL WEEK 1 Lines1 Reults usejpg_Page1


Week 1 Results 6-10

Best Bets 0-3 (Fuck me)

Quote of the Week

I’m enjoying finding these lines, most of them are from various stand up acts but I’ve really never heard of any of these guys and most of them are great.  This week’s:

“I am a big guy now but growing up I was small.  I got bullied a lot and this one kid was real mean.  He beat me up and called me names and made my life a living hell.  In high school, i hit my growth spurt and got bigger and stronger…..

and he got leukemia.  So I win.”

-Bill Squire