Week 11

It’s good to be back in full force this week and, Wow, we just keep on rolling full steam ahead.  Another 3-0 on the best bets in Week 10 and actually went 10-2 on all of the picks.  We are up to 70% winners (21 out of 30) on Best Bets for the season.  That is pretty delicious.   However, I’m taking this past week with a grain of salt as the matchups were so bad and there were many one sided affairs.  You are seeing the cream rise to the top and the garbage sink to the bottom.   You need to take advantage of those weeks when picking games but things will start to tighten up as we get back into the division games towards the end of the year.  I’ll go into it below but I’m going with the simple philosophy on focusing on the shit teams and taking the other side.  It’s not really rocket science.  It will work until it doesn’t work anymore.  (Quick Note: The video above is one of my favorites and I wish I could be as excited for anything as this guy was for a train. If you can, listen to the guys commentary for the whole thing)


Have you seen either the Giants or Bears play the last month?  If you have then I’m sorry as you pretty much wasted a few hours on a Sunday or Monday night.  These teams have a few things in common.  Most notably, their defenses can’t stop anyone over a 60 minute game.  They might have a flash here or there but for the most part the opposition pretty much can control the game how they want.  Their offenses just aren’t dynamic enough to be able to consistently score points.  Again, they will have flashes but something inevitably will go wrong and just kill any momentum.   These 2 teams make up 2/3rds of my bets this week and for good reason.  When these teams lose, they lose horribly bad.  They do not play close games.   When they lose it’s by double digits and then some.   Who knows maybe this week that they will both reverse course and play better.  However, until they do then I’ll stay on that loser bandwagon.


I was watching Real Sports the other day and they did a feature on something I really wouldn’t consider sports.  They did a piece on the first real big video game league and first college team to offer scholarships for team video games.   Robert Morris University is the first college to be doing so.  This team looked just like you would think a bunch of nerds playing video games, predominately overweight and Asian.   It fascinates me that video games have gotten to this point.   Towards the end of the episode, they showed some sort of world championship thing that they have in South Korea.  It drew 40,000 people to the event and it was also cast in theaters in North America.   This blew my mind.  Are telling me that 40,000 people showed up to watch other people play video games?  Is there anything more boring or brutal than watching someone else play a video game.  I can remember watching other people play Madden or something and I would want to shoot myself.    They also highlighted a web based league called the League of Legends.  It’s broadcasted basically like Sportscenter but highlighting video games and they announce it like a normal sports play by play.  It’s fucking ridiculous.  The CEO of the League of Legends (which is this league’s name) also said that he believes in his lifetime that Video Games Sports will be in the Olympics.    There’s just no way that can even remotely happen.  Now I can see Chess clubs or Chess teams in high schools and colleges being replaced by video game teams.   They are both a skill and take tremendous amounts of practice learning strategy but in the Olympics?  Give me a fucking break.   It also said the ESPN 3 has shown a few tournaments already.  Thank God, I just don’t have time to locate ESPN 3 on my TV as my head would explode.  In the future, if my daughter ever came home and said “Hi Dad, this is my new boyfriend Quan and he is the star athlete on the Robert Morris E Sports team.”  I’m not sure who I would put in a headlock first.  Now you might be saying that’s racist because of the name I chose.  It has nothing to do with race, it’s really just more bullying a fucking nerd on my part.


Staying on the train theme


Starting to get a little traction here.  I won 2 in a row vs the Fan Duel strangers I take on and finally broke my losing streak vs. the P&T reader.  Been probably more lucky then anything as I was able to avoid the big point getters like Marshawn Lynch or A Rodgers the last few weeks.    If anyone wants to challenge me in a head to head on Fan Duel my username is vgeorge19 and I will take on all challengers.

QB T Brady $9500

RB L Bell $8600

RB F Gore $7000

WR B Cooks $6800

WR J Matthews $5500

WR J Jones $8200

TE L Donnell $5200

K B Cundiff $4600

D Atlanta $4600


I’ve gone ahead and replaced the Survivor pool section which offers nothing at this point as I’ve been eliminated.   I figured what’s the point continuing that and I should use this space for  educational purposes.  Hey if you have read this far on this blog you might as well learn something that could be helpful instead of listening to my demented thoughts.  Let’s delve into the real legal gambling in the world, the stock market.

AAPL chartjpg_Page1

If you know me then you know I have been saying buy Apple stock pretty much regardless of price for many years now.  It was a little dicey for a while but you don’t waver from a company like this.  If you do not own any then pick some up no matter how small the investment and just sit on it for 10 years or longer.  If you have young kids and you were going to save money for their college this year, start with buying a few shares.  I would say do this every year for the next 5 years at least if not longer for them.   Don’t worry about the price day to day and reinvest the dividends back in the stock.   If something happens with the company that changes it’s path over the next few years you’ll hear about it and you can reevaluate.  It’s the biggest company in the world so probably won’t miss the news.  I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.

I found this chart enlightening and also funny at the same time.  I had to format this chart a little bit so it cut off the years on the bottom.  But this is a chart from 2003 to current day.  Russia Market Cap is in Red and Apple’s is in the Green.  Apple is worth more now than the entire country of Russia.


NFL WEEK 11 linesjpg_Page1


NFL WEEK 10 lines resultsajpg_Page1


Week 10 Results 10-2

YTD Results 76-67

Week 10 Best Bets 3-0

Best Bets YTD 21-9

Parlays YTD 1-1

Teasers YTD 2-0

Quote of the Week

This week’s

John, chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it’s something unusual.

–Line from “Stripes”


NFL: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens

What a rip roaring ATS week we had.    We went an astounding 11-3.  Totally Cantbelievable.    This accomplished many things.  First, it got us over the .500 mark Year to Date which is nice cause now we are in the positive figures.  Second, it puts us in solid position to close out the year without having to make risky moves to try to make up ground.   The straight up picks didn’t hold up so well going only 7-7 but that’s why we have spreads ladies and gentleman.   I was super worried about last week given how many toss up games and again you have to hand it to the lines makers.   Many spreads were right on the money and we just ended up on the right side of all of the close ones.  Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good but I will take week’s like that every single time.

Quick League notes

There really hasn’t been been much clarity in the Incagnito/Martin scandal.  Incagnito spoke with Jay Glazer this past weekend which probably just raised more questions and Martin was supposedly going to send out some sort of taped statement.  How gay is that?   From what I read Incagnito will probably get a hefty suspension because the NFL doesn’t like problems regardless of facts.  Plus he’s really a nobody so when he goes away no one will care.  Martin, on the other hand, I think will have a self imposed suspension because nobody is going to sign this guy.  It’s pretty small fraternity in the NFL and going outside of that especially for something like this will not be looked upon too fondly.   I’m to the point where I just don’t care anymore after a few days of infatuation.  It’s sort of starting to watch a new TV show that you really like the first episode of.   Then you are all pumped to watch the next one and you say to yourself, “this is fucking stupid” and you turn back on Tosh.O reruns.

Ed Reed got released this week and it appears his time is over.  He was a great player though for a really long time.  It looks like the Jets are signing him but his tank appears pretty empty and they appear to be trying to catch lighting in a bottle.

Weekly Rant

Yesterday was November 12, 2013.  For those of you who are more numerically inclined that’s also 11/12/13.  Sequential date numbers for some reason makes people flock to get married on these days.    Look at these fucking lunatics.

Happy 11/12/13!

(Side note: By the looks of this columnist it appears this is the closest thing she’ll ever get to a wedding. OK that was mean and I should write formally apology to that whore bag.)

Is it me or is this the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?  There is going to be one more of these on 12/13/14 and then that’s it for about 90 years or so.    The luster of this for these people will last about 15 seconds after you receive your invitations.  Nobody else gives a fuck what actual day your get married on.  Everyone just wants food and open bar.  I’ve been to many weddings and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t remember the month, date or year of pretty much all of them.  If someone asks you when you got married you pretty much never give the exact date.  A normal person who say “3 years ago” or “this past summer” or “back in December.”  If someone asks what exact date you would tell them but you wouldn’t just offer that up without request.  If I asked someone when they got married and they proceeded to say “11/12/13” I would just stop whatever I was doing to walk in the exact opposite direction because I would want nothing more to be as far away from that person as possible.  I know this all revolves around broads trying to one up their best friends in every way possible but I think even skirts wouldn’t give you the exact date if asked when they got married.  With the exception of 01/01/01, I see know reason why this would be popular.  Even if you were lucky enough to be able to get married on 01/01/01, no one would show up because people would be hungover from NYE and they think you are a pompous douche.  I love going to weddings and basically playing beat the clock like I’m a college kid at a dive bar with how much food and liquor can be consumed before the actually close everything down or before I get escorted out.  God I love weddings.


There are some many things funny about this video which was shot in Norway.  Some are obvious and some are not so obvious.  My favorite part is the very subtle, glow stick like, dance move at the :25 mark.  If you blink you will miss it but I absolutely love it.   This guy also has a striking resemblance to Rodney Hampton.


Why are all the best comedians dead but Larry the Cable guy still roams the earth hocking Prilocec OTC?


Matt Stafford was last week’s pick and although he didn’t set the world on fire he exceed what I though so I will consider that a loss.  I had predicted 11 and he came up with 18 points.

18-35, 219, 3 TD, 1INT, 18 standard points

Fuck it, I’m going back to the well.  It’s basically the same matchup for me than last week so I’ll just stick with it.

Matt Stafford, #3 ranked QB on Sportline & Rotoworld

My prediction: 20-32, 275 YDS, 1 TD 1 INT, 13 standard fantasy points


IND @TEN (+3.5)

The 2 teams that clearly had the 2 worst losses last week.  How does Indy get blow out at home against the Rams?  How does Tennessee lose to the Jags?  All I know is Hal Verl was on the right side of both of those last week.  Suck it.  Pick: Colts

Colts 24 Titans 9

WAS @ PHI (-3.5)

The Eagles have lost 10 in a row at home.  That’s insane especially since they play in the NFC East.  Things are going to get really interesting in the NFC East even though all 4 teams are very bad.  Pick: Skins

Skins 21 Eagles 20

CLE @ CIN ( -6.5)

The Bengals are just all of over the place but they seem to be fading fast.   Pick: Browns

Bengals 27 Browns 24

ATL @ TB ( -0.5)

Shitshow of a game that in the beginning of the year looked to have division ramifications.  I think the Bucs build off their Monday night win while the Falcons have packed in it.  Pick: Bucs

Bucs 17 Falcons 16

OAK @ HOU (-6.5)

Oakland is super banged up and not very good.  I’ll take Houston at home by default.  Pick: Titans

Texans 27 Raiders 14

BAL @ CHI (-3.5)

Cutler probably tried to come back to early from his injury.  The guy just can’t stay healthy and that will probably is the reason he’ll be on a new team next year.   McCown has looked OK in his spells.  This is a tough game to call as I really don’t think Baltimore is very good.   Pick: Ravens

Warehouses 20 Ravens 17

ARI @ JAC (+6.5)

The Jags got out of the winless column and I think the line reflects that by probably a few points.  I think their happiness will be short lived.  Pick: Cards

Cards 20 Jags 10

DET @ PIT (+2.5)

Staying with theory the dome team will not play well outdoors and on grass.  It’s a spotty theory at best and I’ve been on the Steelers far too often this year. Pick: Steelers

Lions 21 Steelers 20

NYJ @ BUF (-1.5)

Toss up game for me.  I’ll take the Jets I guess. Pick: Jets

Jets 14 BIlls 13

SAN @ MIA (+1.5)

The one thing that no one has talked about about the Miami scandal is that they lost 2/5 of their starting offensive line.  That is really hard to overcome especially with a young QB.   They also just lost one of their depth guys to injury for the year.  That line is in shambles and will kill them even against SD.  Pick: Bolts

Bolts 22 Fins 14

SF @ NO (-3.5)

New Orleans looked really good at home last week.  San Fran I think will play better this week but I don’t think it will be enough.  Maybe they can get the lights to go out again in the Superdome.  Pick: Saints

Saints 26 9ers 17

MIN @ SEA (-13.5)

I’m too lazy to check the last few weeks but I’m pretty sure the Seahawks have been giving double digits the last few weeks.   I think it’s getting too late in the season to think blowouts are a given.  Too many factors are keeping games close. Pick: Vikes

Seahawks 30 Vikes 17

GB @ NYG (-5.5)

This game was supposed to the Sunday night game but it got flexed out.  Not exactly a endorsement for good football.  However, I have the same feeling as last week.  I think the Giants win a sloppy, boring game cause their defense is very good at controlling 3rd string QB’s(we are the best at controlling 3rd string QB’s) however not enough to cover the spread.  They discovered a running game again with Andre Brown which I think will be enough to overcome the weekly special teams disaster.  If they can pull this one out then at least next weeks game against Dallas would make things interesting in wide open but sub par NFC East.   The NFC East has taken a lot of flack for being bad this year.  There’s no question it’s not a good division.  I think you can make the argument though that AFC South is worse (Indy, Ten, Hou, JVile).  That’s a brutal division.   Pick: Pack

Gmen 20 Pack 17

KC @ DEN (-8.5)

The game of the week.  I think the odds makers are just a tough overzealous with this line.  Peyton Manning is a touch gimpy and the Chefs are undefeated for Cry Pete.  I thought I was finally go to pick against the Chefs this week but this line is too juicy to do so.  I think the Broncos win the game but that too many points for my blood. Pick: Chefs

Broncos 24 KC 17

NE @ CAR (-2.5)

Carolina has looked good recently and NE has been up and down.  However, in my opinion, this is the type of game that Bill Belichek always wins.  He’s had 2 weeks to prepare for Cam Newton and how to try to slow down their defense.  It’s pretty rare for NE to get points so I’ll take them and run.  I like the Pats straight up this week.  Pick: Pats

Pats 22 Panthers 20


Week 7 ATS Record 11-3 (Fuck Yeah)

Season ATS Record 43-41

Week 7 SU Record 7-7

Season SU Record 52-32

Family Guy Quote

Lois Griffin: You’re gonna love this cake.

Stewie Griffin: None for me, thanks; it’s gonna go straight to my vagina.  That’s what girls worry about, right? Having big vaginas?