Playoff Week #2 : Off to a Nice Postseason start


The wild card weekend started off very nice in Parlays and Teasers Land.  We went a real solid 3-1.  Just missed making it a perfect week with Dallas not able to cover.   Going into the Cowboys Lions game I was thinking I was sitting in a good spot as I figured if the Cowboys won and covered I would have a perfect week and if they lost then I would be happy too.  Alas, it was not meant to be as they won but didn’t cover but it doesn’t ruin a good start to the post season


I surprisingly got to watch decent amounts of all of the games and they were all decent to watch.  The best game was the aforementioned Dallas Detroit game.    There obviously been a ton of chatter about this game most notably the pass interference flag and Chris Christie.  Here’s my take on both items:

Regarding the pass interference call, my personal opinion is I thought it was a penalty in real speed and on the replay.   That’s not really the important part.  I actually wouldn’t of had a problem if it was called or even it wasn’t called.  Watching all of the games last weekend, it seemed clear to me the refs were letting much more go than during the regular season.  I saw many plays were there was a good amount of jostling going on and nothing being called.  So if they didn’t call it, then I wouldn’t have been shocked.    The main issue I have with it is picking up a flag from the ref who had the closest and clearest view of the play which defies logic.    Also, by starting that precedent where flags can be picked up is only going to make things worse in future games.   Either make every fucking play reviewable or let the refs make the calls.   Stop with the second guessing garbage, there’s no need for it and it just creates confusion.

On to the portly presidential candidate from the Garden State, oh where do I begin?  First, let me say I really don’t have any problem with him being a Cowboys fan.  He can cheer for whatever team he wants.   My main problem is that he has to know that cameras are going to be on Jones’ luxury box and doesn’t think that’s a bad idea so I have to question his judgment at a minimum.  I also have to question his ethical stance as you can’t be a rational person and believe all of that was on the up and up.   As much as they want to spin it that it didn’t cost the NJ taxpayers anything, it did because they have to bring security outfits to protect his chubbiness.  Stories are now coming out about some business connections between him and Jones which is the real reason that they are such close friends all of a sudden.  Lastly, and most important, if you are going to claim your allegiance to the Cowboys then you are not allowed to do this:

images  ccNext time a team from your state wins the Super Bowl leave your sausage fingers off the thing.  You can’t have both.


-It’s amazing how finicky fantasy football can be sometimes.  I watched in amazement as some of the players I picked either had a TD called back due to penalty or a being just short.  Antonio Brown caught a long pass from Big Ben that was initially ruled a TD but was nullified by him being down at the half yard line.  Cody Fleener has a TD called back due to penalty.  Torrey Smith had a second TD in his grasp but couldn’t get his second foot down.  I don’t think I had seen a week where no less than 4TDs didn’t happen for one reason or another.   It didn’t really matter as I didn’t hit submit on Fan Duel before the deadline so it was all for not but amazing regardless.

-Here are a list of Movies I have never seen before:

Any of the Harry Potters (haven’t seen 1 minute of them.  However, I have been on the Harry Potter ride at Disney World)

None of the recent Batmans or Dark Knights (I think the last one I saw was the one where Danny DeVito was the Penguin.  That happened right?)

The Iron Man Series (I’ve seen parts of #1 but never the whole thing.  Bored to Death)

Any of the Transformers (I was always more a Voltron kid)

Any of the Lord of the Rings (Is that the same as Harry Potter?)

None of these movies can hold a candle to; Back to the Future II, Midnight Madness, Can’t Hardly Wait, Airborne, North Shore or Commando.  All of which I’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of times.

-Did you see the broad who was on the Jumbotron at the Alabama OSU game stroking the guys hair?  After realizing she was on TV she freaks.  It’s come out since that she claims she was reacting to the play on the field and they are together.  I guess that’s a reasonable explanation but she acted in an embarrassed or caught manner.  I actually feel bad for this broad as regardless of what the real story is she will always be remembered as a cheating girlfriend or whatever.   I’m sure she comes from some hick town in Alabama and get snickered at in the town square all day long.  Dumb broad.


I saw this and it’s pretty funny about having kids.  In his case 4 kids, which sounds like fucking lunacy to me.


QB  T Romo $8600

RB  CJ Anderson $8700

RB D Herron $6100

WR S Smith $6600

WR T Williams $5800

WR K Benjamin $6400

TE Gronk $7900

K  D Bailey $4600

D  Seahawks $5200


ON-BH758_GTChar_NS_20141231151321That is what you call a multi year rip your face off rally.   The multiple V shaped recoveries time after time are pretty incredible to look at on the chart.   However, my feeling is the uptrend should continue but not on a such steep incline and those pullbacks will become more common.


Patriots -7 vs. Ravens

Weather is going to be a factor in a couple of these games.   Game temp will be in 20s and wind chill in the teens.  The Ravens looked pretty good last week but in my opinion the Steelers weren’t a very good team to begin with and were without their starting running back.  I’ll take Tom Brady in those conditions.   PICK Pats -7 

Seattle -11 vs. Panthers

I’m so torn with this game.   Even though the Panthers shouldn’t be able to move the ball that well, I don’t like Seattle’s offense that much.  The Carolina D has been playing pretty well and that’s just a big number to cover.  If Newton doesn’t turn the ball over then this is a slam dunk.  However if he does it could get ugly.  PICK Panthers +11

 Pack -6 vs. Cowboys

This one is easy for me as it’s all about the weather and not really about the teams.   This game’s temp will be in teens and wind chill in the single digits and maybe some snow.  I think GB is just built a little better for those conditions.  If this game was in a dome I would probably have different feelings.   PICK Pack -6

Denver -7 vs. Colts

Maybe its me but I’m just not a believer in Peyton Manning, he hasn’t looked good in at least a month and he’s never been the greatest in the playoffs.  I like Andrew Luck to keep them in the game to keep it close enough to cover.  PICK Colts +7


Playoff Week 1 Results 3-1

Regular Season + Playoffs YTD Results 99-89

Best Bets YTD 23-16

Parlays YTD 1-1

Teasers YTD 2-0

Quote of the Week

This week’s which is my favorite line from the Video of the Week:

-You want to know what it’s like to have a 4th kid?    Imaging you are drowning.  Then someone hands you a baby.

-Jim Gaffigan


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