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TyreeIt’s that time of year again.  Superbowl Sunday is approaching.   It’s crazy how quick the season goes by.  I can’t believe that we are down to 2 teams and season will be over after Sunday.   I hope to end on a positive note as the last 2 weeks have been brutal.  We went 0-2 in the conference championship games.   Just didn’t see the games turning out the way they did.  I was behind the wrong horse with the Colts.  I really thought that after being embarrassed by the Pats the last couple of years that this was their time to stand up.  Boy I was wrong.    Regardless of what happens with this game we will stay above .500 for all picks and still had a nice 60% clip on the Best bet selections.  Overall I am happy with how the picks ended up.


Everyone knows about Deflategate and I’m not going to waste anyone’s time on it.   I will only say this one thing.  If it was a close game vs the Colts then I could see the story having legs.  The Colts were so over-matched it wouldn’t have mattered if they were using a fucking beach ball to play with.   However, I get the uproar because it’s the Patriots and they are known cheaters so it sticks people the wrong way.  But if you think that the balls haven’t been tampered by various teams over the years then I think you are being naive.

I think the Green Bay packers should be sending the Patriots a gift basket or something as their choke job, which could have been the worst in league history , has just been passed over because everyone wants to talk about deflated footballs.   If I’m a Packers fan I feel dead inside and that feeling is only going to get worse as the game gets closer.    How do you not close out that game?  Russell Wilson is terrible and tried so many times to give you that game.    The 2 things I really questioned was why did they not challenge Richard Sherman when he was clearly playing on 1 arm.  One first down and that game is over so go after him.   The other play was that the 2 point conversion.  I think that was the turning point where Seattle really thought they might be able to steal the game.   That was such an improbable play their confidence must have soared.    After the game was over I was thinking that Seattle is probably the most undeserving team to win a game that I can remember to win a game in a long time.

I find the Marshawn Lynch coverage pretty funny and I’m trying to think of a more meaningless story ever.   The media coverage at the Super Bowl has gone just way to far to begin with and now you have stories about a guy not saying anything.  Makes no sense and a waste of everyone’s time but I love how defiant he is like he’s standing up for something that matters.  Care


Seven years ago the picture above happened.   With the run up to the Super Bowl they show on NFL Network all of the Super Bowl Specials and I DVR’ed the Super Bowl 42 edition.  I had myself a nice little trip down memory lane.  It’s one of the few days that I remember specific details from the entire day even after consuming massive amounts of alcohol.   I also remember smoking 12 packs of cigarettes.  Man I miss smoking.  Cigarettes are just the tops.    Anyway as I was watching the show I started to remember the emotion of that day.  With the exception of the birth of my child and my wedding then Super Bowl 42 was probably the 3rd happiest time of my life.   The feeling I got when Plaxico caught his Sluggo route in the corner of the end zone with 35 seconds left  I have never felt watching any sporting event before or after.   I just watched that play  about 5 times on YouTube and I still get the chills each time.   That game was played a day after my 30th birthday and was the best birthday present I have ever received.

Since this is probably the last edition of the season (however I really hope to put some other editions during the year) I thought I would share some interesting stats for  I use WordPress to do this blog and it’s a pretty cool platform.  They give you some stats to see the traffic on the site:

# of total views all time:  1012   (That actually isn’t that bad considering I only send this to about a dozen people each week.)

Busiest day in history of the site was this season’s Week 7: Plow Horse with 25 views.  Makes sense as it was dead in the middle of a strong middle of the season for the picks.

Lastly, it actually gives a breakdown of the geographic location of who visits by country.  Obviously the US was first but take a look at the other countries.

My Stats — WordPressajpg_Page1

Moldova?  That’s fucking awesome.  I’m sure it was just some hacker spam program but I just imagine some guy in Moldova sitting there just refreshing his screen all week to see the next highly anticipated edition of Parlays and Teasers to determine if he should take the under in the Ravens Steelers game.   I also picture that would be more entertaining than whatever Moldova has to offer.   Does anyone know where Moldova is?  I had no clue and so evidently is sandwiched between economic powerhouses Romania and Ukraine.   That has to be quite possibly just the worst existence in the world.    Go Fuck yourself Moldova


The biggest problem I had with the blog is I would think of something to write and then I would immediately forget it.  I started writing things on the Notes app on the Iphone but sometimes I was too lazy to set reminders for myself.   At some point this week I saw a video and was convinced that was going to be the Vid of the Week but I cannot remember what it was.  So with that being said I’ll just have to go to plan B so here’s Rodney Dangerfield Standup for a few minutes.  More on him below.



Thought I would end the year on an Apple kick to just reinforce the point.

444317245458The Blue Line is Samsung’s Global Phone Shipments.  The Red Line is Apple’s Global Shipments.  Last quarter, Apple shipped 74.5 million Iphones.  Let that number sink in for a second.  74.5 million phones in 3 months.    That’s fucking insane.  Why you ask?  Obviously everyone knows that there was a huge build up for a new phone as the product cycle was due for an update.  The biggest push came from some key international markets like China, India, Brazil, Japan, Korea.  In many of these places the Iphone has either not really been available or had very limited availability.  This will only continue on the international side.   No other company in the world can make up that type of ground in 1 quarter.   Samsung may very well take back the top spot next quarter but the damage has been done.

Some of the AAPL bears talk about the downturn in the IPad sales as a negative as the new Iphone6 being a larger screen is cannibalizing the Ipad.  They are probably right with a bigger screen you probably don’t need an Ipad.   Tablet sales in general will suffer across the board with bigger phones.  However, that’s what makes AAPL strategy so unique.  They don’t care.  The same thing happened with the Ipod.  The Ipod use to be the biggest growth driver for the company.   The Ipod was cannibalized by Iphone and looked what happened.

On the fundamental side, given their level of current earnings, AAPL is trading at a multiple of 9 or 10 times earnings.   That’s basically the same as a Utility company which is ridiculous given the growth AAPL has.  The overall market, say the S&P 500, trades at about 17 times earnings.    So you can make the argument that AAPL is still cheap compared to the overall market.   If AAPL just started trading at a normal market multiple the price would be much higher.    #2 Their cash reserves ballooned to about $ 180 billion dollars.  This money is making nothing as rates are so low.   What could they do with that money?   More than likely they will return some of that money to shareholders through dividends and stock buy backs.  FYI….the more they buy back the stock the better.   Many investors wish they would increase their buyback by a large amount but they have been on a slow and steady approach.   They also could start making some acquisitions.  That is so much cash that if they wanted to buy a company outright they would be able to do that to 480 out of 500 companies in the S&P 500.  I think they will probably make some smaller acquisitions like they did with Beats headphones earlier in the year to just strengthen their current products.  Looks like the watch will be released sometime this year but I don’t really think that will be a huge needle mover.  If I’m wrong then it’s only a positive.  I think the real next big wave they are going to be on the rise will be Apple Pay.  If that becomes an easier way to pay then that’s only going to sell more phones while they finish up their next big product.  Who knows what that will be?  All I know is that Jony Ive is a genius and creates products that people flock to.  If that stops then the story changes but it doesn’t appear to me that stopping anytime soon.

Lastly, #2 pick Visa has been killing it the last few months after a while of stagnation.  They also just announced a 4-1 split.  Get In!


The Line:  NE -1 vs. Seattle, O/U 47.5

This is the first Superbowl that I can remember where you haven’t really seen much in the way of the matchups between the teams on TV.  It’s been more about microphones and airpumps but it appears that both teams matchup pretty equally.   That’s about as much analysis I’m going to put into it.   I think whoever can run the ball better wins as I definitely feel like it’s going to be low scoring.  I think the total is way too high.  I have little to no confidence in Russell Wilson as I eluded to earlier.  I’ve never seen so much praise get thrown on a guy who isn’t good.   I also think that  Brady and Belichick being so pissed off that they are getting put through the ringer and will have a huge chip on their shoulders.   So for those reason Hal like the Pats and the under.  I’m going to Best Bet that under.   I would also lay down the parlay on that.   I’m going to throw a few prop bets below as well.  I will have a total of 4 straight up bets and 1 Parlay so this way if I lose all 4 stright up I will still finish the season total with a .500 record

PICK #1  NE -1

PICK #2 Under 47.5  (Best Bet)**

Parlay (NE -1 & Under 47.5)

Prop Bet #1  R Wilson Total Passing Yds Under 219.5  (-105)

Prop Bet #2  Which Coach will be shown first on TV after Kickoff.  Belichick -140   (I would assume he’s going to be shown far more than Carroll.  He is even money)

There are some real great ones like national gas prices on Monday vs Russell Wilson passing yards.  Or which team will win along with Punxsutawney Phil either seeing or not seeing his shadow.  Take a look for yourself:


Playoff Week 3 Results 0-2


Regular Season + Playoffs YTD Results 100-95

Best Bets YTD 23-16

Parlays YTD 1-1

Teasers YTD 2-0

Quote of the Week

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier.  I should have just been putting down Rodney Dangerfield one liners the whole time for the quote of the week.  During one of the recent trips to a bachelor party or wedding I remember talking about the behind the scenes special about Caddyshack.   It was actually on the other day and it got me thinking of this.  Some quick notes about Caddyshack, the golf course it was shot at is now called Grande Oaks in Davie, FL.  It ‘s about a mile right down the street from my old house.  Never got to play there but still looks like a real nice track.   I didn’t know until watching that special that the pool scenes were shot at another course which is now called Plantation Preserve which was literally right across Broward Blvd from my old place and is still my favorite course down there.   The pool is no longer there though.

Sorry for that quick interjection.

This Week’s:

-“I told my wife the truth. I told her I was seeing a psychiatrist. Then she told me the truth: that she was seeing a psychiatrist, two plumbers, and a bartender.”

-Rodney Dangerfield



The division round just did not fall our way like the wild card round did.  We went a disappointing 1-3.   Normally with shitty results like that I would be disappointed but I really still feel good about the losing picks.  My keys pretty much came true but just wasn’t on the right side of the lines.  Even in hindsight I don’t think I would have changed the bets and here’s why:

I absolutely nailed Peyton Manning looking like garbage.  He was clearly playing hurt but he is just not a clutch quarterback.  Never has been.  He is the best regular season QB in the history of the game but he is not the same player in the playoffs.  I’ve said in a million times, in the regular season there’s no one better but in a big spot I would rather have his brother.   This was our only victory last week.

If the Pats didn’t come out so flat and spot the Ravens 14 points then that game would have been an easy win vs. a close lose.   They moved the ball and basically ran the same 2 plays over and over again.

Carolina was driving to cover late in the game and Newton throws a pick 6 in the red zone.  Another analysis that was accurate.  I said if Newton turns the ball over then they wouldn’t cover and if he didn’t then it would be a no brainer.  He turned the ball over a couple of times and they stilled almost pulled out a cover.  That game was much closer than the final score indicated.  It was tight the majority of the game.

With the Packers / Cowboys game, I don’t think anyone knew what kind of shape that Aaron Rodgers was going to be in.  You could tell he wasn’t moving well so if I had know that I probably would have went with the Cowboys but no one knew what shape he was in except for Green Bay and they hid it pretty well.   Obviously another close game that just wasn’t on the right side of the line.

That’s gambling I guess.


I love watching the coaching carousel go around and around.  It’s actually quite amusing.  It’s great that one team might want nothing to do with a guy and another think he is the savior.  I think the couple of moves that will be interesting to watch.  Rex Ryan to the Bills is funny on many levels.  His problem will be the same with the Jets being that he currently doesn’t have a quarterback.  John Fox to Da Bears is a good move for them and one that seems to make sense.  He’ll get that defense back to a better state but again you have a big question mark at QB there.  If Cutler gets his act together then he could have success there.

I again got to watch all of the games this weekend and obviously there was some big moments.  I guess the biggest would be “The Reversal.”  Let me get this out of the way.  I don’t like the rule and I think most observers would say that’s as close to a catch that you are going to get.  However, that’s the current rule and I think they got the call correct according to the rule.  That doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with it.   I would think they will take a look at the rule but I really don’t see how you can change it.  The way it’s written now there’s not much room for error.  You have to maintain control all the way through.  Once you start opening that up it can be looked in too many ways.   I would like to see them change it but I just don’t know how they are going to make it work.



untitledaI haven’t watched Biggest Loser in a while but I saw that ex NFL QB Scott Mitchell is on this season and he weighed in at 366.  That’s fucking crazy to me.  This guy was a professional athlete for Christ sake.  How do you let yourself go like that?  It sounds like there is some sob story behind which I don’t really care to find out about.  I totally understand packing on some pounds as you get older.  In fact my own waste line is a fucking disaster but what the fuck man.   I would think once you hit 300 a bell would go off and you would maybe start doing something about it.  I’m sure he has some money as he signed some terribly large and underserving contracts.   To give you perspective, former Offensive tackle Damien Woody is on the show and he weighed in at 388.  But he’s a offensive lineman.  I’m sure he played his whole career well over 300 lbs. so it’s not a stretch for him to be in that stratosphere..


I’m back on the comedian Video of the Week kick.  It’s Bill Burr so you know it’s good.  It’s from a Conan interview that was on I guess at the beginning of the season.  I didn’t even know that Conan was still on.  It’s well worth 3 minutes.  In other Bill Burr news he was a new stand up special on Netflix which I caught last week.  It’s real good too but the whole thing is in black and white which I didn’t really care for but overall a good special.


cotw-2015-0119-chartVery interesting chart of Gold.  It’s basically been a straight down move for the precious metal for over a year now.  It’s starting to show a little stability however the strong dollar will keep a cap on it for the most part.  However, there will be a time in the future where gold will have it’s day again especially once all of the central banks maneuvering comes to roost.


These fucking lines are tough.  They are making you almost have to take the road teams.   Both lines are -7 to the home teams.  That’s a ton of points at this point in the season.

Patriots -7 vs. Colts 

I don’t know what it is but I just think that the Colts are that team that people have overlooked and will make it to the Super Bowl.  The Pats really haven’t looked all that great at times and they are so limited with weapons.  Andrew Luck is the next great player in this league and he can will his team to a win.  I would think the best risk reward bet this week would be the Colts moneyline as I think they can win straight up.   Chuck Strong is such an emotional guy that’s been playing a role in the last few games.  Give me the boys from Indy with the Points. PICK Colts +7 

Seattle -7 vs. Pack 

The elephant in the room is obviously how mobile will Aaron Rodgers be.  He had one of those Willis Reed moments last week where he gutted out a very nice performance but he was clearly limited.  If he is the same as he was vs. the Cowboys then it’s going to be a long day for the Pack.  I would assume that Seattle is going to bring as much pressure as they can and use their physical corners to lock up the GB wide receivers.   PICK Seahawks -7


Playoff Week 2 Results 1-3


Regular Season + Playoffs YTD Results 100-93

Best Bets YTD 23-16

Parlays YTD 1-1

Teasers YTD 2-0

Quote of the Week

This Week’s:

-“I was in a bathroom stall and someone had written ‘For a good time call this number’ so I called it.  It was a petting zoo.  It was a great time.   They had Ducks.

-Zach Smith


The wild card weekend started off very nice in Parlays and Teasers Land.  We went a real solid 3-1.  Just missed making it a perfect week with Dallas not able to cover.   Going into the Cowboys Lions game I was thinking I was sitting in a good spot as I figured if the Cowboys won and covered I would have a perfect week and if they lost then I would be happy too.  Alas, it was not meant to be as they won but didn’t cover but it doesn’t ruin a good start to the post season


I surprisingly got to watch decent amounts of all of the games and they were all decent to watch.  The best game was the aforementioned Dallas Detroit game.    There obviously been a ton of chatter about this game most notably the pass interference flag and Chris Christie.  Here’s my take on both items:

Regarding the pass interference call, my personal opinion is I thought it was a penalty in real speed and on the replay.   That’s not really the important part.  I actually wouldn’t of had a problem if it was called or even it wasn’t called.  Watching all of the games last weekend, it seemed clear to me the refs were letting much more go than during the regular season.  I saw many plays were there was a good amount of jostling going on and nothing being called.  So if they didn’t call it, then I wouldn’t have been shocked.    The main issue I have with it is picking up a flag from the ref who had the closest and clearest view of the play which defies logic.    Also, by starting that precedent where flags can be picked up is only going to make things worse in future games.   Either make every fucking play reviewable or let the refs make the calls.   Stop with the second guessing garbage, there’s no need for it and it just creates confusion.

On to the portly presidential candidate from the Garden State, oh where do I begin?  First, let me say I really don’t have any problem with him being a Cowboys fan.  He can cheer for whatever team he wants.   My main problem is that he has to know that cameras are going to be on Jones’ luxury box and doesn’t think that’s a bad idea so I have to question his judgment at a minimum.  I also have to question his ethical stance as you can’t be a rational person and believe all of that was on the up and up.   As much as they want to spin it that it didn’t cost the NJ taxpayers anything, it did because they have to bring security outfits to protect his chubbiness.  Stories are now coming out about some business connections between him and Jones which is the real reason that they are such close friends all of a sudden.  Lastly, and most important, if you are going to claim your allegiance to the Cowboys then you are not allowed to do this:

images  ccNext time a team from your state wins the Super Bowl leave your sausage fingers off the thing.  You can’t have both.


-It’s amazing how finicky fantasy football can be sometimes.  I watched in amazement as some of the players I picked either had a TD called back due to penalty or a being just short.  Antonio Brown caught a long pass from Big Ben that was initially ruled a TD but was nullified by him being down at the half yard line.  Cody Fleener has a TD called back due to penalty.  Torrey Smith had a second TD in his grasp but couldn’t get his second foot down.  I don’t think I had seen a week where no less than 4TDs didn’t happen for one reason or another.   It didn’t really matter as I didn’t hit submit on Fan Duel before the deadline so it was all for not but amazing regardless.

-Here are a list of Movies I have never seen before:

Any of the Harry Potters (haven’t seen 1 minute of them.  However, I have been on the Harry Potter ride at Disney World)

None of the recent Batmans or Dark Knights (I think the last one I saw was the one where Danny DeVito was the Penguin.  That happened right?)

The Iron Man Series (I’ve seen parts of #1 but never the whole thing.  Bored to Death)

Any of the Transformers (I was always more a Voltron kid)

Any of the Lord of the Rings (Is that the same as Harry Potter?)

None of these movies can hold a candle to; Back to the Future II, Midnight Madness, Can’t Hardly Wait, Airborne, North Shore or Commando.  All of which I’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of times.

-Did you see the broad who was on the Jumbotron at the Alabama OSU game stroking the guys hair?  After realizing she was on TV she freaks.  It’s come out since that she claims she was reacting to the play on the field and they are together.  I guess that’s a reasonable explanation but she acted in an embarrassed or caught manner.  I actually feel bad for this broad as regardless of what the real story is she will always be remembered as a cheating girlfriend or whatever.   I’m sure she comes from some hick town in Alabama and get snickered at in the town square all day long.  Dumb broad.


I saw this and it’s pretty funny about having kids.  In his case 4 kids, which sounds like fucking lunacy to me.


QB  T Romo $8600

RB  CJ Anderson $8700

RB D Herron $6100

WR S Smith $6600

WR T Williams $5800

WR K Benjamin $6400

TE Gronk $7900

K  D Bailey $4600

D  Seahawks $5200


ON-BH758_GTChar_NS_20141231151321That is what you call a multi year rip your face off rally.   The multiple V shaped recoveries time after time are pretty incredible to look at on the chart.   However, my feeling is the uptrend should continue but not on a such steep incline and those pullbacks will become more common.


Patriots -7 vs. Ravens

Weather is going to be a factor in a couple of these games.   Game temp will be in 20s and wind chill in the teens.  The Ravens looked pretty good last week but in my opinion the Steelers weren’t a very good team to begin with and were without their starting running back.  I’ll take Tom Brady in those conditions.   PICK Pats -7 

Seattle -11 vs. Panthers

I’m so torn with this game.   Even though the Panthers shouldn’t be able to move the ball that well, I don’t like Seattle’s offense that much.  The Carolina D has been playing pretty well and that’s just a big number to cover.  If Newton doesn’t turn the ball over then this is a slam dunk.  However if he does it could get ugly.  PICK Panthers +11

 Pack -6 vs. Cowboys

This one is easy for me as it’s all about the weather and not really about the teams.   This game’s temp will be in teens and wind chill in the single digits and maybe some snow.  I think GB is just built a little better for those conditions.  If this game was in a dome I would probably have different feelings.   PICK Pack -6

Denver -7 vs. Colts

Maybe its me but I’m just not a believer in Peyton Manning, he hasn’t looked good in at least a month and he’s never been the greatest in the playoffs.  I like Andrew Luck to keep them in the game to keep it close enough to cover.  PICK Colts +7


Playoff Week 1 Results 3-1

Regular Season + Playoffs YTD Results 99-89

Best Bets YTD 23-16

Parlays YTD 1-1

Teasers YTD 2-0

Quote of the Week

This week’s which is my favorite line from the Video of the Week:

-You want to know what it’s like to have a 4th kid?    Imaging you are drowning.  Then someone hands you a baby.

-Jim Gaffigan


Welcome back all to a new playoff edition of Parlays and Teasers.  I hope everyone has had a nice holiday season and it’s great to be back.  I took a nice little siesta from the website.  There were a few reasons for this.  First and probably most important, time during the holidays obviously gets more and more hard to come by.  I just couldn’t find time to get thoughts to pen and paper before the games were starting.  I find it fascinating that the guys who write serious blogs have the time to write so frequently.    Secondly, I found myself really struggling to pick any games.  I was rally starting to have too many doubts.   It is actually quite reminiscent of being on an extremely hot blackjack table and then realizing that it’s turning on you.  Many of you degenerates that read this blog can relate to this.   There are sometimes during a silly run of cards where you can do no wrong.  Splits, double downs…It doesn’t matter you are going to win the majority of hands.    There’s nothing better than that feeling, the booze is flowing, people are cursing and screaming and have everyone is having a grand old time.

Then all of a sudden something changes.

It could be a new dealer, it could be some douche not hitting or staying when they should be that kills the vibe or it could be you have to take a piss or a call.  I got the same feeling back in week 14.  I was on about a 2 month tear winning at a 70% clip.  I knew that wasn’t sustainable so instead of still sitting at that table and losing all the gains I was able to step back and reevaluate.   Week 14 I just had no idea what was going on.  I decided to take a step back and let the games play out and then focus on the playoffs.  Overall, in the regular season, I went 96-88 on all picks and 23-16 on Best bets(59%).  It was a solid year but not as spectacular as it could have been.


And then there were 12.   No real surprises except for maybe Carolina getting on a little roll and taking the NFC South.  That’s not really surprising considering the records of that division.    There are some decent games this wild card weekend.    The nice thing about having such few games I can throw my 2 cents in and be a little more detailed on each picks, ala previous years of P&T.


So this past week was in essence the end of my use of the Direct TV Sunday NFL Ticket as obviously all of the playoff games are shown on national TV going forward.  I wanted to use the opportunity to compare costs of having it vs not.   The costs for the season of the package is about $250.  At first glance that seems a little high but when you dig deep down then it really isn’t that bad.   Most teams have a handful of games on Monday, Sunday or Thursday night Football.   Using my NY Football Giants as an example, I think they had 5 primetime games this year which leads to 11 games with the potential of needing the Ticket to be able to watch since I out of the local NY/NJ viewing area.   In fact, since they were pretty terrible I don’t recall them ever being a game of the week where they were a national game so let’s just say I needed the Ticket to watch 10 of their game to make the math easy.   So let’s first review the costs of 10 trips to the sportsbar.   This is the part where it can be up for debate.   You could go economically and just drink beer specials and not eat anything.  If that’s the case you could probably get out of there only spending say $20 if there are bucket specials or something but that sounds so boring.  I would think though on average you’re going to spending about $40-50 per trip with tip and all that jazz.  I mean your there for 4 hours for cry pete.   You easily could spend more but for argument sake let’s say that’s an average for a normal Sunday.   Let’s call it $500 for the season, could be more or less.  So going back to the review of the NFL ticket.  It’s $250 plus the cost of whatever you would consume at home.  I totally drank more for the later games than I would for the early games.  Side note, what’s funny is that is the exact opposite before I became a grown up.  I use to drink so much more for the early games because that’s what you do when you have no responsibilities.  In any event, I would seem to buy a case of beer once every 2 weeks.  Case of Coors light is about $15 give or take.  Let’s call that 5 cases of beer for those 10 games and were looking at $75.  I would normally eat whatever was around the house and never really bought something specific for game days at home.  Total cost of NFL Ticket:  $325.  Now the cost is only the first part of it.  The second part and something that is way more important is the ability to tape games in case you weren’t going to be around for kickoff.  I know for a few of those games I was either running late or maybe driving back to the house and was just able to tape while being careful not to see scores or anything.  It’s great blowing through the commercials and being able to catch up by halftime.    I think the cost and flexibility of the ticket is well worth it if you are not in the main viewing area of your teams.

I got pulled over the other day in a town called Marshville in the middle of the nowhere in NC.  Now I was speeding, he said I was doing 53 in a 35.  Also, I still have my old Florida plates that I haven’t changed over yet.  That FL registration expired in February of 2014.    For some reason the cop left me off with a warning only.  The lesson I leaned that day was I can speed without having proper state registration and there are no consequences for that.

Lastly, Where did the phrase “broke the internet” come from?  I heard a few times the last couple of weeks and it’s like hearing nails on a chalk board.  I first heard it when Kim Kardashian posed for some photoshopped pictures of her ass and cans.   Please do not say this phrase.


I’m back on big people falling kick


QB  B Roethlisberger  $8500

RB  J Hill $7400

RB J Harris $5600

WR T Smith $7100

WR A Brown $9200

WR G Tate $6800

TE C Fleener $5500

K  M Nugent $4600

D  Panthers $5300

It so much easier to put a lineup together with less guys to choose form.



Not really a stock chart but interesting look at home prices which seem to be leveling off a little but still near multi year highs.   I wish I had a bunch of cash burning a hole in my pocket in 2008 to buy a shit ton of real estate.  Would have been a nice trade.


Panthers -6.5 vs. Cardinals

Even though the Cards are a crazy 11-5 ATS this year I just cant see them winning on the road with a 3rd string QB.  Carolina has got all the momentum and are home.  PICK  Panthers -6.5

Steelers -3 vs. Ravens

I’m not sure if this line has moved but Le’Veon Bell was just declared out so I’m going to take the Ravens to cover and all the Steelers skill players in Fantasy to make up for the loss of Bell.  PICK Ravens +3

Colts -3.5 vs. Bengals

To be honest neither team really deserves any boasts of confidence as both have been so up and down to close the season.  I’ll take Andrew Luck at home as I think he’s far superior to Dalton.  PICK Colts -3.5

Cowboys -7 vs. Lions

As much as it pains me to say, the Cowboys are probably the hottest team in the league right now.  I’m hoping their bubble gets burst but I don’t think it’s going to be this week.  It’s a big number to cover but they’ve been a good bet since November.  PICK Cowboys -7


Week 14 Results 7-8

Regular Season YTD Results 96-88

Week 14 Best Bets 0-3

Best Bets YTD 23-16

Parlays YTD 1-1

Teasers YTD 2-0

Quote of the Week

This week’s

“I just moved into my new house – so I had to go door to door to notify my neighbors that I am registered sex offender………I’m not really but it will keep those fucking kids out of my yard.”

– Comedian Scott Bolander