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It’s nice to be back and hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  I apologize for not being able to post before the holiday but just didn’t have the time to sit down to get everything on the wonderful world wide web.  I was able to watch some of the Thanksgiving games but actually didn’t watch any other games live since I was doing a bit of driving on Sunday but watched some games on DVR later that night.  I didn’t get to comment on the catch pictured above.  There is only one word that comes to mind.  That word is Tits.

Is it the greatest catch ever?  The answer is No.  Is it the most athletic catch ever?  The answer is Yes.    The greatest catch ever is David Tyree’s helmet catch because it was on a game winning drive in the waning minutes of the Super Bowl.


Every year there is a shit division and this year is no different.  The NFC South is dogshit with the Saints and Falcons being 5-7 leading the division.   One of them will get a home game and more than likely be tremendous underdogs.  I’ll probably be there in that first round ready to take them because I remember a few years ago when Seattle were 7-9 division winners and they beat the tar our of the Saints.   There’s something about the whole thing with teams playing all hyped up for that game to prove everyone wrong.

The playoff picture hasn’t really become any clearer.  In the AFC there are an amazing 11 teams that are between 9-3 and 7-5.   That is a pretty incredible stat.   In the NFC, you could see the Cardinals go from being 9-1 a few weeks back to 9-4 and possible looking from the outside of the playoff race.  It’s crazy how quickly fortunes can change.


I was taking stock the other day and realized it’s currently a pretty sad state of affairs in Hal Verl’s world of sports fandom.   The teams I pledge allegiance to over the last few years have really hit tough sledding.  Now, I must say I have been a pretty fortunate fan when I look back at the overall big picture.   My 3 core teams of Giants, Devils & Yankees have done well in recent history.   The Giants have been to 5 Super Bowls since 1986 winning 4.  The Devils have been to 5 cups since 1995 winning 3.  The Yanks have been to 7 world Series since 1996 winning 5.   That’s a very good track record and has allowed me to watch some really big games.  The only one of those that is blurry is the 86 Super Bowl because I was only 8 but remember all of the other ones with very nice clarity.   I’ve also seen that game many times since so it’s clear now.

However, all 3 of these teams have hit hard times but the most disappointing part is that the prospects do not look bright.   The Giants last 3 season have basically been a disaster and they haven’t played in a really important game in 3 years.  They missed the playoffs 5 out of 6 years.    The Devils use to be an automatic into the playoffs for nearly 2 decades.   They’ve missed the playoffs last 2 years are not looking good this year.  The Yankees have also missed the playoffs last 2 years and haven’t played in a big game in a long time.   All 3 teams actually have eerily similar issues.  Their biggest problems stem from inferior rosters.  When compared to their peers, the holes in their rosters become very apparent.  All 3 of them also have front offices who have either been slow or not able to adapt their rosters.

There is hope for 2 of those teams.   The Giants have a star in Odell and is a game changing type player.  The Devils have a strong goaltender for a number of years in place and a strong core of young defensemen.  The Yankees, well, I really see no hope for quite some time.

My real silver lining is that I am not a NBA fan as I just don’t understand how people watch that league.  If they made college the only basketball league I would tune it as it’s far more watchable.



This video should be mandatory watching for every male at the conclusion of high school.   Absolutely Mandatory.   I had never seen this before and a thanks to a certain gallus gallus domesticus (that’s scientific for chicken) for sending this to me.   It’s a few minutes long but well worth it.  I love how the guy is wearing a shirt and tie to make it seem more official.


I’ve split the last 2 weeks but overall have had pretty good success the last month.  Been scoring around 120 on average.  I’ve able to ride Tre Mason and CJ Anderson on some good value and I’m sticking with them.  I’m terrible at picking QB’s, K’s & TE’s.  Just awful at it.

QB E Manning $7300

RB  CJ Anderson $7800

RB T Mason $7200

WR B Lafell $7100

WR D Hopkins $7500

WR O Beckham $8200

TE A Gates $5600

K  S Graham $4500

D  Chefs $4800




As we know the market has been on a pretty nice multi year move to the upside.  A share of the movement has been caused by Central Banks around the world keeping interest rates artificially low which make stocks more attractive because it really forces you into the equity markets.  You’re not going to sit on cash making nothing.  The Federal Reserve has already stopped their policy of easing and will at some point in the future start raising rates.  Will it be in 2015? 2016? Nobody knows for sure.   In the very near term markets do not like announcements of rate increases.  However as you see above markets normally still try to head higher in the 12 months after a rate increase.   More importantly, as you also see above, volatility comes into play far more after rate increases.  My personal belief is that the Fed will have their first rate increase in late next year.   All other economic indicators are in pretty good shape which should give us the potential for another positive year next year but I think the upside is limited in the single digits and we’ll see more choppy, volatile trading throughout the year.


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“Do you ever notice when people talk about where they live is a good place to raise kids?  What they are really trying to say is where I live is really segregated.”

– Daniel Tosh