Week 5: That shit is too easy

People of the internet.  Behold at another week of perfection in Hal Verl’s sweet world of best bets.  We are now 6-0 in the last 2 weeks and 8-1 the last 3 weeks.   Just an incredible turnaround from the first week debacle.   Week 4 was just an all around great week.  We also won the teaser that we threw out there, the head to head fan duel and made it through another week in survivor.  We even ticked up the performance in the picks of every game with an 8-5 week.   As long as we keep hitting the best bets is all that matters because those are the only games that I actually play so I’ve had a nice last 2 weeks in the 5 Dimes account.


It is truly amazing how quickly fortunes can turn around in the NFL.  It’s the only sport out there where just a few weeks can drastically change the view or feeling of a franchise.  I think the fall of the NFC East was greatly overstated with a large consensus thinking it would be the worst division in football.  Both the Cowboys and Giants are looking to be resurgent.   The Jets, Falcons, Saints Steelers, New England, Buffalo, Carolina all suffered very tough losses and look to have their season’s teetering in the wind.   I’m sure in the next couple of weeks the league will be flipped upside down all over again on this roller coaster regular season that is filled with a bunch of teams that are millimeters from good or being bad.   It’s nice to focus on the stuff solely on the field again.


I think it’s absolute bullshit that former referee Mike Carey who famously told the NFL he would not referee games in Washington because he thought the name was disrespectful.  However, he doesn’t mind collecting a paycheck on Thursday night football and can comment on the calls on the field during the game.  That’s so hypocritical and I heard no one call this guy out.    If he thought the word Redskins was so bad he could have told CBS, I can’t broadcast this game.   Mike Carey, you sir are a cunt.

Has anyone seen the Icky Woods Geico commercial?  I don’t know why but I think it’s fucking hysterical.   As he’s dancing he’s saying “Get some cold cuts, get some cold cuts”  That TD dance I think is one of, if not the best, of all time.

I was watching HBO Real Sports the other night which I think is a pretty solid show.  They did a story on Fan Duel and the other one day fantasy sites.   They are growing like crazy and the reason they exist is because they fall under a loop hole where it’s not considered a game of chance.   This rule came into play way back when people were basically play old style Rotisserie sports.  Sports betting is considered a game of change and that’s why it’s basically illegal in most states.  There are some advocates out there to try to get these sites shut down and have them considered gambling sites.   I would cry if that happened.  I really like this so much more than traditional fantasy.   They profiled a few guys who makes hundred of thousands a year playing Fan Duel.    One of the guys had this crazy algorithm system, similar to a stock trading algorithm.   It was pretty fascinating.  If you have a bid enough bank roll and can win 55-60% of the games you enter you can win a ton of money.  You can also do it all year around playing all sports.  I’ve noticed that most guys I play are playing in dozens or hundreds of games at a time.

I’m on the TV kick now so I ask the question?  Has anyone ever seen an episode of the Big Bang Theory?  I ask because I have only seen maybe 2 minutes of one and it appears to be terrible.  I’m just wondering why it’s still on TV and why the actors just singed huge deals.


OK, I’m ready to skate through a fucking brick wall and kill communists.


I love the head to head matchups on fan duel.  It’s so fucking awesome.  I ended up winning last week on a late Dez Bryant touchdown after my opponent had taken a late lead on a Jimmy Graham touchdown just minutes earlier.   We scored over 120 points and that was after Falcons D getting -4 points.   It was nice to get on the winning side and I will only be playing head to heads from here on out I think.  My team did well and I probably would have done well in a 5 or 10 team game.    This is what I have so far but I have a feeling I’ll be changing this up a touch before Sunday.

QB E Manning $7300

RB D Murray  $9000

RB B Sankey  $5900  (Love this play this week, great value at $5900)

WR V Cruz $7000

WR J Edelman $7400

WR B Cooks  $6200

TE M Bennett  $7300

K S Suisham $4800

D Lions  $4800


There was 331 entries in the pool I’m in which is a $8275 prize pool.    Pittsburgh losing last week knocked a bunch of people out and I think about another 50 people got bounced so were getting down to close to only a little over 100 people left.     This week is super interesting and I think the picks will be all over the map.   I thought that Pitt was going to be a slam dunk pick this week but honestly they look awful and they are away.  I think they will win but I think it’s going to be close.  Too close for comfort for me.   I’m not happy about this pick as they haven’t looked great including getting smoked last week.  However, I think the pick this week is New Orleans.  Their home record is pretty incredible and I think they come out and blow the doors off Tampa.   They are the biggest favorite at a 10.5 spread.   This is probably the only time you are going to have to opportunity to pick them.  They don’t play TB again til the last week of the season and their schedule is formidable the rest of the way.      So lets roll with the Saints in week 5.


NFL WEEK 5 Linesjpg_Page1I absolutely hate taking the Giants in general but making them a best bet is a step I never thought I would take.   My reasoning is pretty simple and it has nothing to do with being a fan.  The Falcons have had to replace 4/5 of their offensive line.  They had a tight end playing right tackle last week because they lost some many players to injurt.  Their offense goes by getting the ball down the field to Jones and White.  I just don’t see how their offense is going to function with a line in that much disarray.   They also suck on the road and their defense is ranked 31st.  Washington also has just far too many injured players to complete with Seattle.   Lastly, I’ve been on the Dallas overs all year so I’m not changing it now.



Week 4 Results 8-5

YTD Results 25-36

Week 4 Best Bets 3-0

Best Bets YTD 8-4

Parlays YTD 1-0

Teasers YTD 1-0

Quote of the Week

I’m not really sure if I can top last week’s voicemail but here is a strong effort.  This week’s:

“I spent 90% of my money on woman and drink.  The rest I wasted.”

–George Best

  1. Len Lively said:

    I’m offering free parking lessons this Saturday from 2-4pm

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