Week 4: Back that truck up!

3-0.  Let me repeat that because it bears repeating.  3-0.  A clean sweep for Hal Verl Best Bets in week 3.   Including in that was a 2 team parlay that I told you to back the truck up for.  (it could have been a 3 team parlay).  Had to sweat out the Balt/Cle over but the other 2 games were no sweat type games that were locked up just after halftime.  Now the rest of the picks were subpar at best however all that matters are the games you have the action on.  If you are laying scratch on every game then you have a problem and should call one of those 800 numbers to get help.   We are 5-1 in the last 2 week in Best bets and looking forward to trying to continue that momentum.   We also will be unleashing our first 3 team teaser this week.  More on that below.


It’s been nice this week without being beaten over the head with domestic violence or child abuse.   The large majority of this comes from the use of Twitter and the amount of sports shows that are on TV now.  It got me thinking that it’s not the first time this has happened in the league.  Guys have been abusing their wives, beating their kids and generally doing stupid shit for years.  It’s only magnified now because there are so many vehicles now to broadcast bad shit.  You can go back and look at pretty much every team and I can guarantee you’ll find a guy at some time in the past who beat his wife or kids, smoked weed, did drugs, got DWI’s.  However, today there are 15 million sport talk shows and they only talk about stuff that gets ratings which is the bad stuff.    I’m sure a bunch of guys are happy that social media or endless talk shows weren’t around during their younger days.  One being Peyton Manning.   When he was at Tennessee he supposedly dropped his pants in front of a female trainer.  Nothing happened to him and I think they might have just settled with the trainer.   Imaging if that happened now, he would be getting the same treatment as Jameis Winston at Florida State.   Being an immature college kid just doesn’t cut it anymore.


I don’t know if anyone saw Keith Olbermann try to create ratings on his garbage program and basically shit on Derek Jeter.  First of all, anyone who has to do something like that is so desperate for people to watch him it’s pathetic.  Keith Olbermann has never been relevant in his life.  He was OK on Sportscenter I guess but that was because it was the only show that showed sports at the time.   During his more than 6 minute diatribe, he tries to come up with all of these stats that are mainly pulled from Sabermetrics.  He mainly tries to use his WAR (Wins after replacement) as a piece of evidence.   He then proceeds give you an analysis of these numbers which he basically uses wrong in every way but thinks he’s making this great argument.    He compares him offensively to sluggers (first baseman & outfielders).  He’s a fucking shortstop and has never been a home run hitter.  Your supposed to compare him to the guys at his position.  He then compares him defensively to guys who started out as SS but moved to other positions and didn’t play anywhere near the amount of games Jeter did.  If you are going to come out and shit on a guy then at least have your evidence make sense.  He basically just threw out terms like WAR and other metrics to make himself sound well informed in the hopes of people never hearing of these stats so believing what he was saying was accurate.

Now his point of Derek Jeter overkill this season is well taken as even as a Yankee fan it’s been a little exhausting.  The endless gifts and patches are really not necessary.   Is Jeter overrated?  Probably he was a little bit but he also plays on the most popular team and has done it for 2 decades.   I don’t think it’s possible to play SS for the Yankees and fly under the radar.  He also banged some incredible broads.  Minka Kelly anyone?  All I know is his play in the clutch and some of the highlight plays he’s made are legendary.   During a time where steroids ran rampant, Jeter played the game the right way under the biggest microscope in sports.  So go lick balls, Keith Olbermann.  You are a cunt.

On another note, the big downside for me this week is that I think I’ve gone through all of the Unsolved Mysteries reruns.  I started getting duplicates on the DVR and hoping that there are more that Lifetime is saving for me.



The clip above got me going on the Seinfeld kick today


I had some tough luck last week as I put together a strong team.  However, since Jamal Charles was a game time decision I couldn’t go into the 4pm games with K Davis in there so I swapped him out with L Miller, who actually did OK.  By doing this I gained a few hundread extra dollars so  I also switched out kickers from Vinateri to Gano.    If I had left everything the same I would have won.  I instead came in 2nd.  Also, if Cam Newton didn’t throw a basically meaningless TD to Greg Olsen then I would have won regardless what line up I had in.    This week I’m going to switch it up and play just a head to head match against some chump instead of the 5 team league to try to get on the winning side before it’s too late.   I’m clearly all in on the DAL/NO being high scoring, if it is then I have a great shot.   If not, then it will be a loser.

 QB B Roethlisberger  $7700

RB D Murray  $9000

RB L Miller  $6900

WR D Bryant  $8900

WR S Smith  $6100

WR B Cooks  $6200

TE A Gates  $5800

K R Gould  $4600

D Atlanta  $4700


There was 331 entries in the pool I’m in which is a $8275 prize pool.    There was not 1 loss this week so still half the pool is still around.    This week is interesting as I see some a few ways you can go with the pick.  I think SD, Indy & Pit are the clear cut favorites.   Pit plays the Jags next week so I’ll hold off on them and the Chargers have the Raiders the following.  So even though SD is by far the largest favorite I need to start making some planning so I’m going to go with Indy this week.   They don’t have a really great matchup coming up in the next few weeks so lets ride with them.

If you say, “Hal, you’re a douche bag that’s a terrible pick”.  Here’s an alternative pick for you Monday Morning Quarterbacks Cunts:  Chargers or Steelers (FYI….My alternate pick of the Bengals won an easy one last week)


NFL WEEK 4 Linesjpg_Page1Here’s a 3 team teaser for you babes (6 points)

Indy +1.5, Jac/SD over 38.5, NO/Dal over 47


  Thank god for those best bets


Week 3 Results 6-10

YTD Results 17-31

Week 3 Best Bets 3-0

Best Bets YTD 5-4

Parlays YTD 1-0

Quote of the Week

This week’s is a transcription from the best voice-mail I have ever received.  It was from Norman at the Front Desk of the Tides.  I evidently was on my balcony being quite rambunctious after a GMEN win.  I actually had to look up the date and then Google it to see what game it was.    The message was left on November 6th, 2011 at 7:12pm.  This was minutes after a stirring comeback victory against the Patriots in Foxborough.   This also just so happened to be a Super Bowl preview that would take place a few months later.  GMEN were also victorious in that game.

“Hello Scott, this is Norman at the front desk.  I’m calling to let you know that I got a complaint stating that you’re on the balcony….ahhhh……..screaming at the top of your lungs and throwing things off the balcony.  Ahhhhmm….I’m just calling to let you know that’s not allowed.  Ummm…..and if you could just keep it down a notch.  If you get this message ummm call back.  Thank you Bye ”

-Norman from the Front Desk

I kinda miss Norman.   As I’ve been typing this I’ve been wondering how I can get that voicemail on the blog.  We’ll I just figured it out.  I had a great time following along with the quote as norman is speaking.  Enjoy

  1. Gay Phil said:

    Mmmmmmm…..lil’ Vietnamese boy

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