Week 10: So – So

richie-incognito-jonathan-martin2A tough plow horse type of week that I think we missed some opportunities by sticking to a stupid system of picking all favorites coming off the bye.  That didn’t work out that great so we are just going to go with the gut feeling from here on out.  I absolutely hate the Week 10 games.  This is a week that could be absolutely great or it could be a blood bath.  There are more toss up games this week that I can remember in a long time.  I count at least 7 games where I have absolutely no conviction one way or the other.

This Incognito/Martin fiasco has me fascinated.  The whole thing just seems off and I feel that the more info comes out the more fascinating it’s going to be.  You are really getting a sense that if someone has a chance to come back from this it’s Incognito.  I have a feeling that Martin will never play another down in the league again.   From the quotes from the Dolphins players yesterday, its pretty clear Martin definitely won’t be playing for the Fins again.  This was after they had a meeting with the team’s legal counsel basically saying don’t say anything.  There has to be more to this than meets the eye.  The whole situation just doesn’t make sense.   A former lineman for the Dolphins, Lydon Murtha, wrote a piece on SI.com (see link below) which I think summarizes the players feelings.   It seems to me that Incognito is guilty of using some racial slurs, which obviously you shouldn’t use (especially on a voicemail).


Now it’s entirely possible that Martin has some serious mental issues.  My first instinct is it’s not that because this guy went to Stanford for Christ sake.  I honestly think he was probably coddled his entire life.  A star athlete, an outstanding student and now when things get a little tough he got going in the wrong direction.  I could be completely off base with that judgement and if it comes out that he does have severe mental problems then I’ll own up to it.   However, I think it speaks to something else that’s going on in this country.  The Pussification of American Kids.   I also think that Martin’s age group of being currently in his early 20’s is the first real big pussy age group to hit adulthood.  Any kid born after 1990 is in this class.  (Side note: Martin was born in August of 89 but basically the same thing).  It just seems like kids now and especially in that age range have either a sense of entitlement or just expect things to be easy.  It drives me crazy.  You know what I’m going to do when I become a parent.  Absolutely Nothing.  I’m sure I will do anything to make the kid’s life easier but in the long run make it more difficult for them.   I think the reason generations before are OK in terms of not being pussies is there weren’t any rules or technology.  There were no bike helmets, no IPads.  Our parent just let us do things the wrong way until we learned.  I only need to touch the stove once to realize it’s hot.  I won’t do it again.  This is what that generation and the generations coming because their parents (myself included) will be right there to coddle.   Speaking of technology, I remember when the first madden on Sega Genesis came out when I was probably about 12 and it blew my mind.  They only had the numbers of the players and no names but playing with LT on a linebacker blitz off the edge would result in sack after sack.  How about fucking Altered Beasts?  That game was dope.

Lastly, Twitter had its IPO on the NYSE today and as I write this CNBC is interviewing, Chris Messina who they are calling The Hashtag Godfather.  He looked just as you would think to have such a ridiculous title.  He looked like a computer douche.  I guess he was the first one to use the hashtag.  My feelings on the hashtag have been expresses on the blog in weeks past.  GO fuck yourself Hashtag Godfather.


Michael Jordan listed his house for $29 mil and then dropped the price to $20 mil.  After no takers he is auctioning it off later this month to the highest bidder.  I thought this video was kinda interesting.



Last week I went with Drew Brees and I think I basically nailed it.  We pretty much almost called the amount of points he would have.  Honestly, he probably should have had less points cause he had one pick called back and almost threw 2 more.  Plus he had the advantage of getting 2 really tic tack roughing the passer calls which extended drives giving him more yardage.  I completely call that a win for me.

His line 30-51, 381 YDS, 2 TD, 2 INT  = 19 standard points

My prediction: 20-30, 300 YDS, 2 TD 1 INT, 19 standard fantasy points

How about that haaaaa?

This weeks pick to shit themselves:

Matt Stafford, #3 ranked QB on Sportline & Rotoworld

I’m sticking with the theory that these Dome Qb’s don’t perform as well especially in the colder cities as the weather starts to turn.  I also think they will make a concerted effort to run the ball.  Teams are going to start quadruple teaming Megatron until they can show they have another option.

My prediction: 20-32, 275 YDS, 1 TD 1 INT, 13 standard fantasy points

WEEK 9′s Picks

Just a little housekeeping.  I’m going to start listing my ATS winner because it takes me way too long to tally everything.  I’m sitting there adding and shit.  Just more transparency for me.  On to this potential bloodbath this week:

WAS @ MIN (+2.5)

Skins pulled out a good win last week and Minny gave Dallas everything they could handle.   I think the Skins will pull this out in another close game.  Pick: Skins

Skins 30 Vikings 27

DET @ CHI (+2.5)

I like the Warehouses this week at home.  I just read that Cutler looks like he’s going to play.  Give me the home dawg coming off a good division win.  Pick: Da Bears

Warehouses 21 Lions 20

JAC @ TEN (-11.5)

I’ve picked the Jags to cover a few times and have gotten burned.  I’m sticking with the theory that they are due.   Pick: Jags

Titans 20 Jags 10

STL @ IND (-9.5)

It seems like Indy plays alot of close games to be laying almost 10 points.  Pick: Rams

Colts 24 Rams 17

OAK @ NYG (-7.5)

The Raiders got smoked at home and have to come across the country for a 1pm start.  However, I don’t know how much confidence I have for the Giants to cover more than a TD against anyone.  But I still think they win the game.  Pick: GMen

Gmen 17 Raiders 13

BUF @ PIT (-3.5)

I’ll pick the Steelers just because really.  I would have no desire to bet or watch this game.  Pick: Steelers

Steelers 17 Bills 10

PHI @ GB (-1.5)

I’m a little surprised at the line with GB being favored.  Clearly, Senaca Wallace is a downgrade.   Pick: Eagles

Eagles 24 Pack 21

SEA @ ATL (+6.5)

I keep getting burned with picking the Seahawks laying a bunch of points.  I will stick with it.  Wait, didn’t I write something above that said I only would touch a hot stove once.  I guess I can throw that idea out the window.  I’m just as dumb as the pussy youth of America.  Pick: Seahawks

Seahawks 28 Falcons 20

CIN @ BAL (+1.5)

Man its hard to stay good in this league.  Look at the last 2 Super Bowl Champions as an example.  The Ravens look pretty bad.  Pick: Bengals

Bengals 24 Ravens 20

CAR @ SF (-6.5)

The best game in the NFC this week.  I guess we will see if Carolina is for real.  They are a decent team but not yet in the elite class.  Pick: 9ers

9ers 28 Panthers 20

HOU @ ARI (-3.5)

I think the Texans rallying around their coach, which probably would have been the story of the week with these coaches going down if it wasn’t for the Miami mess.   Pick: Texans

Texans 27 Cards 17

DEN @ SD (+7.5)

Again, team rallies around their fallen coach.  Jack Del Rio is going to come in their with an axe and chop someone’s leg off.   Pick: Broncos

Broncos 38 Chargers 28

DAL @ NO (-7.5)

Normally I think this would be a close game but I think Dallas just is playing the Saints at the wrong time.  I think they come out real strong at home after basically losing pretty bad to the Jets. Pick: Saints

Saints 35 Boys 24

MIA @ TB (+2.5)

I think the Fins fold under all this media stuff going on.  Pick: Bucs

Bucs 17 Fins 14


Week 7 ATS Record 6-7

Season ATS Record 32-38

Week 7 SU Record 7-6

Season SU Record 45-25

Family Guy Quote

Peter is on trial:

Attorney: “Mr. Griffin, do you Drink?”

Peter: “I plead the 5th of Jack.  No, really in all seriousness, I drink”

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