Week 9: Getting Better

Jeffersonss “Well we’re movin on up, To the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin on up,To the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie!”

I’m doing a little shuffle as we speak.  The best part is the wife’s name in the Jefferson’s is Florida.  That’s awesome, how did that not catch on in the baby naming world?  Well, there is Flo Rida but that doesn’t count.  Who wouldn’t want to name their kid after a state that’s hot as fuck overflowing with homeless and drug addicts.  Shocking it didn’t catch on.  (Side Note, the weather actually as been very nice here lately)

Our first positive ATS week going a solid 8-5.   Some real solid picks, almost picked the exact scores of both the NE/MIA & NO/BUF.    Although 8-5 isn’t anything to write home about, it was a week I desperately need to get rolling here into the second half of the season.   I feel a winning streak coming on in this edition.  Also be forewarned, this will be a heavy you tube blog this week.  I think you’ll enjoy though.

I was realizing today I don’t really do anything any more.  Play some golf on Saturdays but that’s really the extent of what I do outside of going to work.  I need to start doing more I think.  It not for the lack of not wanting to do anything but sometimes you just need to break the routine.   Waiting for this kid to pop out probably has something to do with it and I’m sure I will be begging for the time where I didn’t have to do anything.  In the meantime, I’ve been watching a ton of game shows for some reason.  Wheel of Fortune then Jeopardy from 7pm-8pm have pretty much become a staple in the Hal residence.  Family Feud has made multiple appearances as well.  The newer ones with Steve Harvey actually aren’t that bad.  The other hosts I just tune out.  I’ve noticed myself really critiquing the game strategy or stupid moves from the players so much where it’s like I’m watching a football game.  I literally pop up from my chair like a ref just threw a questionable pass interference call.  It drives me crazy that these people go through all the effort to get on the show and then do something ridiculous.  You don’t see many blunders in Jeopardy because those people are usually smart.  The worst thing is when they don’t bet enough on daily doubles.  That’s about the worst thing you can do in Jeopardy but if it’s a category your not strong in then at least it’s acceptable.   The other 2 shows usually don’t have the brightest people however.  Let me give you some examples.

Wheel of Fortune

Magic Sand??????????

Just looking at the freeze frame of this one you just wonder how this could be.

Family Feud

There’s nothing better than the buzzer on a zero in all of game show sound effects.


I told you this would be a heavy You Tube edition.  The one thing I’ve realized is the more of these videos I put in the less I have to write.   Like I said earlier I don’t do much so I don’t have much to talk about.  I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel with game show talk.  Luckily I don’t have just 1 video but rather 3.   With all the talk of game shows it got me thinking of the best game show Family Guy Videos of all time.

Lois gets 199 points.  Now Peter just needs 1 point to bring home the Bacon in round 2

How do I pass? Just the best

Lastly, Peter on Wheel of Fortune….I miss when they would make you pick the prizes in the showcase.  They should bring some form of that back.



Last week’s selection of AJ Green wasn’t a rousing success but it wasn’t an epic failure.  I would say he still kinda shit the bed considering his QB threw for 5TD’s.   He caught 3 balls for 115 so 11.5 standard points.  Good not great.  He didn’t set the world on fire but didn’t totally shit the bed.  I would probably call that a push.

This week I’m going to go big.  He won’t shit the bed but I think he might be limited and he’s the #1 ranked QB this week across the board.

Drew Brees @ NYJ #1 ranked QB on Sportsline & Rotoworld

You might be saying I’m nuts, Brees just threw for 5TD’s.  He did that at home in the dome.  #1 Looking at Sunday’s weather in East Rutherford it appears winds will be in the mid teens. #2 Rob Ryan is the D coordinator of the Saints and so I think that Rex Ryan’s knows his brother’s D so he is going to try to control the ball to keep Brees off the field.  Plus the Jets have been on the 1 good week, 1 bad week train.  This week should be a good week hypothetically.

Forecast:  20-30, 300 YDS, 2 TD 1 INT, 19 standard fantasy points

WEEK 9’s Picks

CIN @ MIA (+3.5)

The last thing the Dolphins needed was something like this Jonathan Martin thing.  Details are sketchy but it seems like he was made fun of so he went home.  The fair weather sports fan down here in south florida will love that one.

Bengals 28 Fins 17

KC @ BUF (+3.5)

I’m really looking forward to the week of picking the Chefs to lose because I think once they lose it will start a streak of a couple in a row.   It’s supposed to be chilly so I think I’ll hold off for another week as I think that type of game plays into their hands.

Chefs 17 Bills 13

SD @ WAS (+1.5)

I’m going to go with a strategy to pick the favorites of teams who were coming off byes last week.  In a perfect world, since I hate the Chargers and they are coming across the country I would normally pick against them.  But I’ll go with this strategy and see how it goes.

Bolts 27 Skins 24

NO @ NYJ (+6.5)

The first four games so far have been home dogs.  Although I don’t think the Jets will get blown out like last week, I don’t think they will cover either.

Saints 24 Jets 13

ATL @ CAR (-7.5)

There are many disappointing teams this year but I think the Falcons have to be very much on top of the list.  They look horrible.  Nobody is really talking about how bad they are and that’s shocking.  They were a Super Bowl contender.  Carolina is up and coming but I don’t think they are “there” yet.  However, Atlanta looks like a shell of themselves and are a candidate just to pack it in.

Panthers 28 Falcons 20

TEN @ STL (+3.5)

Another home dog and another team coming off a bye that’s favored.  I’m going to play that strategy across the board regardless on how I feel about the game.

Titans 19 Rams 14

MIN @ DAL (-10.5)

Wow that cowboys game last week was crazy.  I’m going to assume they bounce back from that.  But who knows with that team.

Boys 30 Vikes 17

TB @ SEA (-16.5)

Huge mismatch…I have no problem laying those points.  I need to learn to stop laying those points with Seattle when they play inside their division.  Outside of it they are usually ok.

Hawks 31 Bucs 9

PHI @ OAK (-2.5)

Nick Foles is back but the Eagles are pretty bad.  Oakland isn’t great but I’ll take that line at home.

Raiders 27 Eagles 21

PIT @ NE (-6.5)

Really tough game to call, this would be a great game to tease in both directions.

Pats 28 Steelers 20

BAL @ CLE (+2.5)

Another favored team off bye along with another home dawg.  It’s weird how this keeps coming up like this.

Ravens 19 Browns 13

IND @ HOU (+2.5)

2 teams coming off the buy so I will go with who’s favored.

Colts 24 Texans 16

CHI @ GB (-10.5)

That’s a lot of points to give in a big rivalry game especially on a Monday night.  The problem for da bears is what kind of performance will you get out of your back up.  That will be the difference.  I think he will be good enough to cover.

Pack 33 Microwearhouses 24


Week 7 ATS Record 8-5

Season ATS Record 26-31

Week 7 SU Record 9-4

Season SU Record 38-19

Family Guy Quote

“With great mustache, comes great responsibility” -Peter Griffin


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