Week 7: Getting closer


Ahh the sportsbook…just look at that place, where dreams can come true and be crushed all in the same room.  Sportsbooks should be mandated by law in every city and every state.  There are times where you just have to tip your hat to the bookmakers and just be impressed by their accuracy sometimes.  This week was one of those times.  There were a few games where the spreads ended up being basically right on the money.  NE/NO, GB/BALT, SF/ARI and you can even throw the CHI/NYG game as examples.  We had the winners pretty much pegged going 12-3 SU but couldn’t replicate that momentum ATS going under .500 with a few tough last second losses.  I think we’re on the right track though and it was just one of those weeks that could have gone either way.

Halloween is coming up in a few weeks even though I’ve been seeing ghosts and tombstones on people’s lawns for what seems like a month already.  I don’t know when the preparation for these holidays started getting earlier and earlier.  I was in Costco the other day and saw Christmas trees on display which I’m sure were probably there in August.  What the fuck is that?   If you’re in the market for a fake Christmas tree do you really need to pick one up before fucking Labor Day.  I bought a fake tree last year and went to the store a few weeks before Christmas like a normal human being.    I brought that fucker home and decorated that shit.  Then I slapped that shit and that shit is good(solid jerky boy reference right there).  I didn’t need to plan months in advance so I can lug a hug box home and then do nothing with it besides stare at it in the garage.   Another example of this was the super market here started selling Halloween candy 2 weeks ago.  They were BOGO (That’s Publix lingo for buy one get one) so I picked up a few bags since I am half Jewish now so naturally I can’t resist a good deal on anything.  BOGO shit is my favorite thing in the world.  The whole allure of buying one and getting one sends me crazy.   If I see a BOGO sign next to the Peanut Butter Nature Valley Granola bars you better get the fuck out of my way because I would clothesline my grandmother to get to the last 2 boxes.


I wanted to add another segment to the blog each week and saw this video. It’s not great but I’m kinda throwing this together pretty quickly.   I wish I had more time to find something funny but this is OK for now and I’ll do better next time.  Black people and any type of water is always a nice combination.


Another new segment……I read all these sites with the rankings on each week’s fantasy matchup and inevitably there always at least one highly ranked guy that doesn’t live up to the hype.  My goal is to sniff that player out so in case you have him you can make arrangements to bench him(which you would never do).

Adrian Peterson vs. NYG

Ranked #1 for RB’s on Rotoworld & Sportsline

You might be saying to yourself, this appears that Hal is being a Homer.  However, I must question as to why he is ranked so high just from a stats perspective.  First look at the stats from the last few games and I think it tells an interesting story.   Last 3 game the Giants have faced the following RB’s.   Jamal Charles, LeSean McCoy & Matt Forte.  All 3 stud #1 RB’s.  They did the following:

Charles: 18 carries, 65 yards,  5 catches, 62 yards 1 TD

McCoy: 20 carries 46 yards, 6 catches, 46 yards 1 TD

Forte: 19 carries, 67 yards, 6 catches, 44 yards 0 TD

All 3 pretty much had no success on the ground but were able to get some catches However, that’s not AP’s game.  It also appears that Josh Freeman will be his QB so he will be handicapped there too.  I’m not saying that AP won’t put up points but to be ranked as the #1 RB you better put up close to 20 points in a standard scoring league.  I think he falls short of that.

My Forecast:

22 carries 96 yards, 2 catches 15 yards 0 TDs.   11.1 standard points

On to the games in Week 7:

SEA @ ARI (+6.5)

That whole NFC West is just a weird division.  One day all of them look terrible and then it looks like the whole division will make the playoffs.

Seahwaks 23 Cards 14

NE @ NYJ (+4.5)

How did the Jets beat Atlanta on the road and then stink up the joint against Pitt?  New England got luck pulling out a win last week.  Patriots have no trouble with them this week

Pats 28 Jets 10

TB @ ATL (-7.5)

The Falcons are a mess.  But not as big of a mess as Tampa is.

Falcons 21 Bucs 10

BUF @ MIA (-7.5)

Fins coming off a bye week and I’m too lazy to look up their record with coming off byes.  Wait a second, my phone just rang.  It’s the Bills personnel department, they want to know if I want to try out to start as QB.  It doesn’t matter what the Find record off the bye is I guess.

Fins 23 Bills 6

CIN @ DET (-2.5)

Total toss up game for me.  I can’t get a read on either team.  Lions at home sound good

Lions 27 Bengals 24

SD @ JAC (+9.5)

Did you see Phillip Rivers face when they won last Monday night.  It looked like he was dry humping something without moving his body.  What a douche, god it would be so nice for them to lose to Jville.  I don’t see it but I’m going with the Jags to cover along the San Diego can’t put 2 games together theory.

Chargers 23 Jaguars 14

STL @ CAR (-6.5)

More teams that you would be crazy to try to get a read on.  A touchdown seems like too many points to lay for Carolina given their inconsistency.

Panthers 24 Rams 20

CHI @ WAS (-0.5)

Hey RG III, its John…..Yeah its official, I just got out of the meeting.  We’re changing the name of the Redskins to the Washington Microwarehouses.  That’s for you Frenchy!

But you Bears fans will not like the selection.  Da Bears have some issues with the interior of the D line due to injuries.  I think Alfred Morris has a big game.  (I would start Alfred Morris over AP, see above section)

Microwearhouses 21 Da Bears 20

SF @ TEN (+4.5)

Every time I see that Jim Harbaugh Visa commercial I still laugh and I have no idea why cause it’s not even that funny anymore.

9ers 26 Titans 16

BAL @ PIT (-2.5)

This line surprises me, let’s not go crazy with Pittsburgh and their first win.  They beat the Jets for christ sake.

Ravens 17 Steelers 16

CLE @ GB (-10.5)

The Pack lost 2 of its top 3 receivers.  Cobb is out on IR and James Jones doesn’t look like he’s going to play.  The Cleveland D took a shit last week but I think they can hang within 10 points.

Pack 27 Browns 20

HOU @ KC (-6.5)

What the fuck happened to Houston?   KC will continue to bore everyone into a 13-3 record

Chefs 21 Texans 9

DEN @ IND (+6.5)

Game of the week.  Peyton has his homecoming and is probably pretty pissed about the Jim Irsay comments.  That guy is a douche and now his team is about to get blasted.

Broncos 35 Colts 21

MIN @ NYG (-3.5)

We save the best for last.   I’m sure the Monday night execs are just pumped for this matchup.   I said to myself before the Bears game I wouldn’t pick the Giants until they had their first win.   However, watching last week’s game I thought they hit rock bottom though after Eli’s pick six in the first quarter.  It was so bad up until that point it was comical.  After that pick though I thought they played OK and almost pulled one out.  You couldn’t ask for a better matchup to get your first win.  The Vikes are going to start Josh Freeman.  Enough said but it’s probably going to be ugly.

GMEN 28 Vikes 24

Last Week ATS Record 6-9

Season ATS Record 12-17

Last Week SU Record 12-3

Season SU Record 19-10

Family Guy Quote

Unlike my credit card, I have a very low rate of interest – Peter Griffin

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  1. Cool Breeze said:

    Best post yet! I am fan of the two new additions particularly the video segment.

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