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The picture above my friends was a real Super Bowl.  I thought I would just reference the greatest play Super Bowl history right off the bat.  Well kids, another Super Bowl is upon us and another season about to go into the books. Super Bowl week is always a shitshow in terms of the media. I haven’t heard really one thing about the actual game this entire week. The only things I’ve heard about is deer antler spray, brother coaches, interracial mom and dad and gays not being welcome in the locker rooms. Side note: kudos to Artie Lange who prior to asking Chris Culver about gay players asked “how many white woman are you going to bang this week.” Just glorious.

I honestly don’t really give 2 shits who wins. However, the QB’s in this game are interesting to discuss. I’m saying right now which ever quarterback, comes out in the offseason and says they are an elite QB when the consensus is against him, I’m picking him to go to the Super Bowl. Eli did it last year and Flacco did it this year. I still don’t think Flacco is that great but he is going to get a big pay day one way or another. I think he’s just really riding the momentum of the team more than him. He’s probably a lower end top 10 guy, nothing more or nothing less. Kapernick is an interesting story. I don’t believe in this pistol offense stuff. At some point a defensive scheme will be able figure out how to slow that down. However right now is not that time but I still think its coming.  The only way you can consistently win in this league is with a guy who can deliver the ball from the pocket when it matters.  With that being said I think Kapernick can be a good pocket passer in time.   Kapernick’s inexperience has to be brought up as well, this will only be his 10th start. He is a fantastic athlete and appears to be a solid passer but can he come through with the Super Bowl on the line.

I can’t wait for Ray Lewis to leave the game but we’ll be subjected to him on pre or post game shows in the future talking about how great god is and how blessed he is. There’s no way that guy won’t be on TV cause he’s an ego maniac. I’m so sick and tired hearing about god from this fuck. He just brings up god when someone tries to call him on shit. This guys past is joke. Obstruction of justice in a double homicide, multiple kids with multiple women, illegal banned substance. I don’t know how this guy came thru so scott free. He took a little shit in that first training camp after the murders but that was it and about 12 years ago. I’m so sick of this guy.

I came down with a little case of the flu this week and actually went to a doctors office for the first time in about 10 years. The last time I went to the doctors is when I had knee surgery when I was about 25. That’s sad, I’m about to be 35 and I wouldn’t say I live the best lifestyle. Vodka, food, cigs, heavy gambling, lack of sleep, road rage, high stress are just apart of this guy’s life. I gotta start getting regular check ups. I didn’t even bother because I just figured the Mayan calendar would end and we’d just all die. That plan went to shit so now I just watch doomsday preppers on nat geo which could be the best show on tv. These fucking people are lunatics, storing 3 years of food and shit. If I had to eat canned food or freezed dried food for that long I would rather just perish along side all of the other solar flare victims.

Back to the betting portion of this blog, since its Super Bowl we are definitely gonna fucks with some prop bets which are always a good time. I’m pretty sure 5dimes has every single prop bet known to man but I’ve selected the following:

Coin toss tails -101 $50
National anthem over 125 seconds -140 $50
“Harbaugh” said over 20.5 times in 1st and 2nd half -215 $75 (this one is money in the bank)
Flacco passing yards over 235.5 -155 $50
Crabtree total receptions under 6.5 +110 $50
Kapernick total td passes over 1.5 +100 $25

Total Prop Bets : $300 to win $193.50

Oh, while were at it I guess I’ll pick the game even though considering I’ll probably will be asleep before it ends.  I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’ll take:

Baltimore +3.5 +105 for $75 to win $78.75

2 Reasons only and I think the game is very close…..#1 As much I as haven’t believed in Baltimore this entire post season run they had a pretty tough run.  They beat an emotional Colts team, beat Denver away and beat Brady & the Patriots away.  That’s pretty damn good and proves to me they are battle tested.   San Fran beat GB at home who has absolutely no defense and Altanta away which is a tough place to win but Atlanta basically let them back in that game and didn’t put it away.  #2 I just don’t see Ray Lewis leaving the field a loser at this point.  That team is going to run through a wall for him.   Then he will proceed to double murder a few people in the stands.    There should be a prop bet for that.  Number of murders Ray Lewis is tied to after the Super Bowl.

TOTAL BETS:  $375 to win $272.25

YTD Loss (-252.71).  If we can sweep the whole way we would end the year positive.  Lets see what happens.

I am preparing for the blog to be back next year for the nfl season and I decided I’m going to abandon the parlays and teaser format, I’m just going to bet games I like. If I want to parlay or tease I will but won’t hold to a week to week standard. It just to hard to continuously hit those.  I also thought about betting every game as well.  We’ll see about that next year.  In the meantime the blog will be back from time to time during the year to bet on certain events, baseball, hockey, college basketball, golf are all in play over the coming months.

Enjoy the game boys!!!!!


“You know, you’re a good lookin’ guy. Face it, you’re a better lookin’ guy than I am. But I am always going to look them in the eye, and therefore, I am always going to get laid more than you, which is fundamentally unjust. You’re into justice. This argument should appeal to you.”